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More Features.

When you post your jobs on NYCJobs, you'll get additional features you can't get or would have to pay extra for elswhere. 90 day listings, Your ads featured and rotated at top of our search results, unlimited ad length, ability to update your listings anytime, real-time traffic stats, etc.

Spend Less. A Lot Less.

Post your jobs for only $19 each. Many job search websites charge hidden fees, charge fees based on the amount of traffic your ad receives and even charge you to communicate with your candidates. At NYCJOBS, pay one flat rate and get all of our premium features. No Surprises.

Multiple Job Openings?

Posting more than 10 job listings throughout the year? Ask us about our unlimited annual membership. For only $199/yr, you can post as many jobs as you want, whenever you want. Get all of our features for less than the price of posting one job on most job boards.

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