Want to build a company? Tech founder role at The IndyHub (New York, NY)


We’re creating sustainable work for contractors. It’s a different approach, and we want people who think differently to join us. We’d love to talk to you about what motivates you, what you last learned about yourself, the risks you’ve taken and what skill you’re really, really good at. Drop us a line to chat. 

You’d be a founding engineer responsible for building the initial product, defining the tech stack, building out a tech team, and being a key leader in the organization.

The company

  • It’s a world-first: The IndyHub allows companies to contribute to benefits like health insurance and paid time off for their workers, creating flexibility and security for millions of part-time and independent workers
  • Now is the time: We’ve agreed trials with leading gig companies and legislation is about to mandate companies provide benefits through a platform like ours
  • Our beliefs:
    •  We want people who aren’t afraid of thinking big, acting bravely and challenging norms for the better. We are here to change the future of work and won’t stop until we have
    • We hire passionate, exceptional people and empower them with mutual trust and respect
    • We act in a way that represents the world we want to live in – equal, fair, sustainable and prosperous. We proactively seek candidates from underrepresented groups and non-traditional backgrounds

  • Founders who laugh: The IndyHub was founded by Alissa Orlando and Owen Ensor. Starting at McKinsey and Bain, they have gone on to found, lead, and grow several businesses. “We love working near you guys because there is always so much laughter” Office buddy
  • We’re well funded: IndyHub is funded by Pear VC, Lightspeed Ventures and Stanford University. 

Who you are (If you fulfill half of these, let’s chat!)

  • Able to work in New York City a majority of the time and available in the next 3-4 months
  • Led a team, managed people, or think you’d be really good at it
  • Built web applications from scratch, worked in a start-up environment or think you could thrive in this environment
  • Worked with integrating payments, managing sensitive data, or with insurance carriers or customers
  • Take actions with intention, have a strong desire to learn and contribute to something greater than themselves

The details

  • Work alongside co-founders on a daily business to align technical development with customer needs and company strategy
  • Build a minimum viable product
  • Develop and lead the tech strategy
  • Recruit and build a tech team to lead all development needs
  • Build out the backend of the application, including the integrations between employer; contractor; insurance provider; and payment systems
  • Work side-by-side with customer tech teams to build APIs and facilitate data flows between IndyHub and customers
  • Work with third-party security platforms to ensure data protection
  • Ensure all regulatory and insurer requirements are met for data protection and product functions

We’re excited to speak to you, just put time in here: https://calendly.com/owenensor-1

Company: The IndyHub