Tech Lead, JavaScript (Fullstack) at Even Financial (New York, NY)

As Tech Lead, you will have the opportunity to drive significant architectural change in codebases underpinning Even’s one million+ users/month monetization infrastructure. Your technical decisions and implementations will directly impact our top line. You will ensure the proper architectural approaches to address business objectives such as developer efficiency, reliability, maintainability, quality and more. 

Our technical(chapter) leads at Even financial do not directly manage people but have, in a matrixed ,a group of engineers that specialize in the area of the stack that you will have responsibility. You will determine the vision and strategies of how we evolve our embed technology used by over a million users every month. 
Join our team as we expand our technology to incorporate untapped industry verticals; driving innovation through automation and greater personalization.

In this role, you will:

    • Lead by example. You inspire, push the team and mentor them to make the best technical decisions and write high quality code.
    • Write well structured code and deliver software. You prioritize writing clean code and understand the tradeoffs of when we have to move faster. 
    • Provide feedback on PRDs for new features in our collaborative design process
    • Leverage client and api analytics tools to drive architectural decisions. Ultimately monitoring and measuring the impact of these infrastructure changes with data.
    • Author and document reusable components inside a React application.
    • Build server-side services and API endpoints using Node and Typescript
    • Develop approaches to pay off tech debt and align the technology with the needs of the business

You May Be a Fit If You Have:

    • Experience building a world-class web application at scale.
    • 5+ years in a full-stack production environment.
    • A love for coding in Typescript & Node.
    • Strong command of ES6 fundamentals; deep understanding of one or more Javascript frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular and accompanying state management frameworks like Redux, Vuex, and RxJS
    • Made key technical decisions and stuck around to experience the result(s)
    • Experience building and consuming REST API endpoints.
    • Experience using version control, package management, and build systems such as GIT, NPM, Yarn, Babel, Webpack, Grunt 
    • Experience with statically typed language like Java or C#.
    • Strong experience with Client Side Analytics and Event based tracking tools like GA, Segment, Snowplow

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Company: Even Financial