Senior Backend Engineer at growing lending startup at Petal (New York, NY)

Key responsibilities

    • Write high-quality, well-tested server-side code that run smoothly in production and elevates the standards across the team
    • Design system architectures for new event source use cases and batch processes
    • Teach across the broader engineering organization to improve best practices and influence system design
    • Lead complex projects, influence product design and make business vs technology trade-offs during all phases of the project lifecycle, consistently delivering on time
    • Collaborate with various Petal stakeholder teams (e.g., product, analytics, operations, risk, compliance) and third-party technology vendors (e.g. credit bureaus, credit processors, bank data aggregators)

Characteristics of a successful candidate

    • Experienced in designing, developing, testing, shipping, and scaling service-oriented/distributed applications or systems.
    • Strong self-management, sense of ownership, and organization. Petal’s open and collaborative environment enables proactive and organized employees to really shine.
    • Displays inclusive, kindness, and humility. Our inclusive and collaborative culture is what makes Petal a great place to work. We need diverse people who embody our core values to make it even greater.
    • Collaborative, empathetic, listens with intent. Communication of complex, ever-changing business and technology concepts is hard. Creating a shared understanding and path forward via an open discussion is commonplace at Petal. 
    • Passionate about systems design and robust software. Our backend platform change often as we work and experiment to bring credit to as many people as we can. We are passionate about software architecture and fault tolerant production systems. 
    • Detail-oriented; a strong focus on testing frameworks. Petal’s banking platform systems are complex and mission-critical. We rely on strong testing frameworks and a focus on the details of requirements to deliver features correctly. 
    • Weighs trade-offs and focuses on value delivery. A fast-paced startup demands making trade-offs that balance the near term and long term value add of solutions. At Petal, we design robust systems, but try not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Nice to haves:

  • Preferred but not required: Demonstrated expertise in Python
  • Preferred but not required: Experience with machine learning models (and running them in production)
  • Preferred but not required: Financial sector experience, notably within credit and fraud risk decisioning
  • Preferred but not required: Experience working in highly regulated industries

Past sample projects:

  • Deploy Fraud Model to reduce incidents of fraud during registration
  • Redesign decisioning system software architecture to support faster feature delivery

About you:

  • Love collaborating with stakeholders and the team to build the best solutions for the problem
  • Want to write high quality code and build scalable systems
  • Enjoy working with a diverse group of people with different expertise and backgrounds
  • Strong self-management, sense of ownership, and organization skills
  • Detail-oriented with a strong focus on testing frameworks
  • Have 4-5+ years of experience building backend systems in a dynamic language

We use:

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