DevOps Engineer at Voice (Brooklyn, NY)

Get to Know Voice

At Voice, we are on a mission to take social media back from big tech. Voice is the first social media platform that empowers communities to self-govern, champions realness and respects user data. 


Voice is seeking an experienced DevOps Engineer who will work alongside development, design, UX, automation and operations in order to identify and eliminate constraints in the product life cycle. 

This is an exciting opportunity to join a thriving, well-funded startup with big ambitions. In addition to doing ground breaking work, this role will be pivotal in establishing a culture of openness, positive communication, and continuous learning. We are looking for the best and brightest to take our platform to the next level. Are you that person? Let’s talk. 

The ideal candidate will have a proven record of strong leadership with high team engagement, a history of leading large initiatives through collaboration, and a passion for architecting with integrity. 


  • Facilitate collaboration, sharing, trust and cross-pollination of skills with other engineers, product owners, designers, and business units in order to overcome challenges, increase product quality, and optimize workflows. 
  • Develop solutions encompassing technology, process and people. 
  • Maintain strong expertise and knowledge of current and emerging processes, techniques and tooling. 
  • Work closely with UX, design, development, automation and operations teams to ensure that solutions are designed with customer user experience, scalability, performance and operability in mind. 
  • Effectively manage and assign projects as necessary while lending support to the team. 
  • Actively troubleshoot any issues that arise during testing and production, catching and solving issues before they launch. 
  • Stay current with industry trends and knowledge, always looking for ways to help business improve. 
  • Deploy updates as required while implementing integrations when they arise.
  • Test our system integrity, implemented designs, application developments and other processes related to infrastructure, making improvements as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • 4+ years of experience in DevOps, SRE, Software Development or an equivalent field. 
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related. 
  • A history of collaboration with development, operations, UX, design and business units within an organization. 
  • Experience working with Google Cloud Platform.
  • Experience working with CI/CD tools and pipelines such as Buildkite, TravisCI, Concourse CI, Jenkins or equivalent. 
  • Experience working with Docker and Docker orchestration tools such as Docker Compose and Kubernetes. 
  • Knowledge of version control software, git and Github preferred. 
  • Proficiency with Linux. 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills. 

Technologies we currently use: 

  • Python 
  • Go 
  • Node.js + Express 
  • Javascript/Typescript/React 
  • C++ 
  • Docker 
  • Terraform 
  • Docker-compose 
  • Kubernetes 
  • Buildkite 
  • Veertu Anka 
  • Amazon Web Services 
  • Google Cloud Platform 
  • macOS 
  • Linux

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