Sr. Software Development Manager at Amazon (New York, NY)


The Prime Video team is changing the way people search and discover video content. We are seeking a dynamic leader to build and lead an exceptional team focused on revolutionizing video search capabilities across all Prime Video devices, globally. Your teams will develop and drive the core internal platforms to support robust system development and management for Prime Video search and work very closely with teams across Prime Video, Alexa, and to build relationships, operational processes, and deliver the right capabilities to improve the experience for customers. This leader of leaders will drive vision and alignment around architecture, operational best practices, implement Machine Learning that removes manual processes, and develop central programs for Prime Video Search.

The successful candidate will be able to:

· Dive deep into relevance and ranking algorithms.
· Lead the deployment of machine learning solutions and establish a culture of best practices to support these systems.
· Enable rapid, high quality development by owning and driving Search systems for Prime Video.
· Drive prioritization and remediation of operational and architecture risks across related Prime Video and Amazon systems.
· Reduce the impact, duration, and repetition of production events that negatively affect Prime Video customers.
· Understand trade-offs for immediate business needs vs. long-term software solutions.
· Hire and develop a team of managers and software engineers to support your efforts.

The core of this job will be to systematically understand and improve all searches within Prime Video across all devices and marketplaces. Our goal is to make Prime Video Search the go-to location for customers searching for video content. This is a ground-floor opportunity to own the definition of a plan to accomplish this goal, hire a team capable of implementing the plan, and then drive the execution. The role will work cooperatively across Prime Video, Amazon Search, Amazon Browse, Alexa, and other video search engines (IMDb, Twitch, etc.).
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