Senior Software Engineer, Apple Business Integration at Inline (New York, NY)


This role @inline works with other very senior engineers on large-scale systems that integrate with private and rather complex Apple web APIs. 

Inline is looking for a full stack engineer with a career interest in front-end development. The person in this role will focus on building and refining new and existing web applications that handle peak loads of 50k+ API requests per second in a complex application stack running at 99.99%+ availability in GCP + AWS.  

You will be helping tens of thousands of restaurant staff get their work done, and ensuring the best restaurants from Australia to Indonesia to Japan get value from using the services from inline.

Specific requirements:

  • Recent experience building, deploying, and supporting a complex application used by at least 1M users monthly

General requirements:

  • At least 2 years of experience building complex full stack web products with more than 1M users.

  • Highly skilled in multi-region GCP/AWS configurations, deployments, logging, monitoring

  • Pull Requests and code review on PRs is a natural part of your workflow 

  • You value test coverage, automation, and clear documentation.

  • Role can be based in NYC, or remote.  Relocation is available.

Tech you should know:

  • Front-end: Javascript, React, Redux, HTML, CSS, SASS

  • Back-end: NodeJS, Express, RESTful APIs

  • Databases: PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Firebase Realtime Database

  • Servers: Kubernetes, GCP, AWS

  • Tools/Misc.: git, unit testing, automated deploys, VPC

  • Services we use: GitHub, CircleCI, Slack, Asana, Mixpanel, Intercom, Kibana

Apply here, or by sending a note to

Why work at inline:

  • Big enough to have legitimate scale, small enough that one developer can change the direction of the company
  • Platform-Building: Help expand a developer platform used by the most well-known digital brands in the world
  • Private Access: Get experience with private APIs from Google, Apple, Facebook, and super-apps
  • Hypergrowth: Be a part of a global startup growing from 10s of millions to 100s of millions of users
  • Diversity: An organically diverse team, in NYC + Singapore + Sydney + Hong Kong + Taiwan

To apply for this job please visit