Mid Level iOS Engineer at Revel Transit Inc (Brooklyn, NY)

Revel Transit Inc


  • Mission driven

    • Care for people – we try to create quality jobs
    • City friendly – regulator friendly

  • Pragmatic – keep it simple – less tools – don’t over build
  • Product oriented – we build to deliver value to our users
  • Collaborative – It’s important to us to have a safe and collaborative environment

Day to day

  • You will be building and maintaining the iOS Application with 2 other iOS developers
  • Agileish sprints, jira, standups, kickoffs, grooming, retros when it makes sense
  • Pod / Working Group / Squads – cross functional teams oriented around business objectives
  • Highly collaborative – strong integration between product and eng
  • Striving towards continuous integration – backend and web already deploy multiple times a day

Growth Opportunities

  • Growing startup

    • Broad vision – Electric, city friendly, transportation
    • Launched mopeds in NYC, DC, Austin, Miami, Oakland, SF

  • Senior team members across the stack
  • Tech lead is a hat not a title so there are opportunities to lead there
  • We shift work on a quarterly basis so opportunities to work on different types of problems as well as flex to other languages


  • 1 year old code base across the stack – you can still yell at the people who wrote the bad code
  • Django
  • React
  • Apollo
  • GraphQL
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • K8

Technical Requirements

  • 2+ years of real world experience developing iOS applications
  • Experience with Swift, MVVM
  • Experience working on at least 1 app full time, possibly still available in the App Store

To apply for this job please visit stackoverflow.com.