Backend Developer at Macabacus (New York, NY) (allows remote)


You will be responsible for leading development of Macabacus’ next generation of transformational productivity and brand compliance software.  These products will supplement our current product lineup, which includes the most comprehensive enterprise solutions available for Microsoft Office.  Our existing products are deployed in Fortune 500 companies, global investment banks, private equity firms, consulting firms, sovereign wealth funds, and other institutions around the world.

You will design, build, and maintain the logic and data structures behind our newest products, designing easy-to-use APIs and tools that will be used by other developers. In addition, you will seek to continually improve code quality through testing and continuous integration. Having experience with Python and Django is preferred, but experience with a mainstream language and framework is required. Experience with RESTful architecture, and with RDBMS and/or NoSQL databases is required. 

Salary and job title will be commensurate with experience in the technologies above.

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