Hiring? Write an effective job description.

Writing a good job description

Writing a good job description for  a job posting would seem fairly easy to most however having read hundreds, if not thousands of them, perhaps it's more difficult than realized. A lot can be said for a well-formatted, grammatically correct job description. A lot of them however read like product advertisements rather than an invitation to join a great staff and work towards a common purpose.

The Science Behind Those Trick Interview Questions

Interview Questions

The highly anticipated, yet never fail to "trip you up" job interview questions; There's a real purpose behind them. And once you know the reasons for them, chances are you'll be ready for them during your next job interview. Ran across this great article at HuffPo on the subject. Give it a read.

Job Board Price Comparison (NYC)

NYC Skyline at Night - NYCJOBS

Hiring? If you're posting jobs in or around New York City, here's a look at current pricing across the most popular job boards in the area. We're a bit biased, granted, but here you go.